Manuscript Submission

Process to submit your manuscript

Before you send your manuscript through, consider the following:

  • Does your manuscript fit into our publishing categories?
  • For fiction manuscripts, we require the synopsis and the full manuscript.
  • For non-fiction manuscripts, we require the synopsis and the first chapter of the manuscript.
  • For solicited manuscripts, we negotiate with the author on the form of submission.
  • We only accept digital submissions. No handwritten submissions will be considered.

You will need to have the following documents ready before submitting your manuscript

  1. Your profile/CV (This helps us to get to know who you are)
  2. Cover Letter
  3. Proposal. Your proposal should include the following:
  • Brief Description (In short, what is the manuscript about?)
  • Table of Contents (Explain in one paragraph what each chapter is about.)
  • Extra Materials (Does the manuscript include photographs, illustrations or graphs?)
  • Target audience (Who is your target audience or reader?)
  • Networks (If you know media personalities, experts or specialists in the area that your manuscript is about, and may be willing to endorse your book, please list them.)
  • Competition (What other books in the market are similar to your manuscript?)

N.B. All your documents should be in PDF format.

Process after the manuscript has been submitted:

Step 1: We check if you have followed all the guidelines. If not, we will automatically reject the manuscript. If yes…

Step 2: We check if the manuscript has the potential to be published. Is there a market for it? If yes…

Step 3: We contact you to discuss non-disclosure agreement.

Step 4: If necessary, the manuscript will be taken to a reviewer to check if the book meets the requirements of the subject or theme it is written in. If yes…

Step 5: We discuss publishing contract

Step 6: The process of publishing begins.

Please fill in the below form, it is important that you prepare your submission before completing the below form in order to avoid errors on submission.

  • We would like to know a bit about you as person. In no more than 200 words, tell us about your career, your achievements, your previous works published if you have any, why you wrote this manuscript, do you know anyone who is in the field of the type of your manuscript, do you personally know any journalists or people in the media? Why do you think your book needs to be published?
  • In no more than 100 words, tell us about your manuscript. This is your opportunity to sell us your book.
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